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Kitchen design  tips and advice on kitchen design & layout, designers,  colours,  benchtops, cabinets, appliances, kitchen buying and deals.


Kitchen Design Tips



kitchen-designKitchen design is always constrained by the space that is available. It’s not always possible to squeeze everything in that you might wish and usually, compromises have to be made. Unless you have an unlimited budget your choice will also be constrained by the costs of the various materials.

However, careful thought and inside knowledge can make good use of even a difficult space.

Kitchen design professionals have the experience and industry knowledge to come up with solutions that no amateur designer would be able to. The sheer range of products and possibilities will be outside the experience of most of us.


Once you have established the shape and size of your kitchen you will be in a position to consider kitchen designs. Also the materials and colours will appeal to you the best and work in your space.

Dream Kitchen Tip

The best kitchen design tip is to get professional advice. Kitchen design is more art than science, even though dimensions and mechanical functions are so important.

A good kitchen designer will have the experience to debrief you effectively and get a good grasp on what you are trying to achieve. They have the experience and product knowledge then to know what options and finishes are available to meet your requirements.

Planning your kitchen properly in the first place for the right kitchen design in terms of practical requirements, is the first step to achieving your dream kitchen.

You can help the designer by identifying your needs in terms of your lifestyle, personal tastes and storage requirements. In particular, know what kitchen appliances are to be incorporated into the kitchen design as these need to be planned in early.



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