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Your guide to kitchens, kitchen flooring and floor covering ideas, advice, suppliers, and all your kitchen floor options

Kitchen Flooring



Replacing the floor is often necessary to when refurbishing the kitchen. The disturbance caused by re moving the old cabinets often leaves unsightly gaps in the floor that only complete replacement of the flooring can rectify.

Laying floors is a highly specialised business and we would not recommend it as a DIY project. Seek expert advice from those such as the companies featured here.

Flooring for the kitchen has to be durable and easy to keep clean. The kitchen floor is a busy traffic area and has to take a lot of wear and tear, and spillage of food and liquids.


Many older houses have timber floors that are hidden under vinyl or carpet. Often a beautiful timber floor can be achieved with no more than lifting the old covering and resurfacing. Timber can be oiled, polished or finished with a hard wearing varnish. Seek professional advice as to the best approach with your floor.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles come in a great variety of styles, colours and textures. They are straightforward to lay over concrete but a timber or particle board floor is likely to need expensive preparation. Ceramic tiles work well with underfloor heating but are otherwise cold in the winter. Tiles are unforgiving when you drop china or glasses.


Cork is comfortable, quiet and warm underfoot. Good quality cork tiles are hard wearing and will take a lot of traffic. It also provides insulation for the home, which is especially noticable over a concrete floor. Cork is kind to dropped plates and glasses, which have a sporting chance of surviving a fall.
However, stiletto heels, stones and grit can cause damage so they do need care and regular cleaning.


This is the most economical flooring option, relatively inexpensive to buy, easy and cheap to lay. There is a great range of patterns to choose from but it is important to buy better quality vinyl as the cheaper product will not wear well and is more prone to damage from dropped knives etc.


This natural product has made something of a comeback. If you prefer a non-synthetic product and appreciate the great durability, you will be happy to pay extra for this premium flooring.



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