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If you have a rangehood installed in your kitchen, you’ll likely prefer to vent it to the outside.  Many rangehoods do an air re-circulation option but this is always less than satisfactory.  Carbon filters will remove some of the grease and odours but not all, and the steam from cooking will be pushed back into the room.

Rangehood Ducting Kits

The main advantage of using a rangehood ducting kit is that everything you need for a successful installation is contained in the one box.  Note that I say a good kit.  There are some that are not so comprehensive and leave you to source screws, clamps and duct tape.  So do check the contents of the box.

So what are your rangehood venting options?

rangehood ducting kit for roof installationRoof Venting

Roof venting is the most efficient way to vent a rangehood.  The air is pushed straight up and out with no minimal ducting and no duct bend to add back pressure.

Two types of roof ducting kits are available:

1.  The flexible kit as shown in the illustration.  This incorporates a length of semi-rigid aluminium duct that enables the installation to go around obstacles such as rafters and purlins.

2.  The straight kit, which has two lengths of galvanised steel duct for a straight up-and-out installation.

A rangehood silencer can be incorporated with either of these solutions.

rangehood ducting kit for soffit installationSoffit Venting

Soffit venting is the most commonly used rangehood ducting solution for rangehood fitted on an interior wall,  The duct is hidden away nicely behind rangehood flue cover and in the ceiling.  This configuration can also incorporate a rangehood silencer.

With soffit venting it’s also possible to run the ducting on top of the cabinets and out through the wall.  Although this will work just as well it is a noisier option than running the duct through the loft.

rangehood ducting kit for wall installationWall Ducting

If your rangehood is installed on an outside wall the simplest way to vent it is through the wall behind.

Canopy rangehoods vent out the top so  a right-angle bend using semi-rigid aluminium duct is the best way to go.

A downward pointing wall vent is a better option that the ‘flappy panels’ type that tend to be noisy.

Rangehood Silencer

A new innovation for rangehood ducting kits is the rangehood silencer kit. The silencer operates in much the same way as the one on your car, being an expansion chamber with sound absorbing baffles within.

Rangehood Tamer is the only silencer kit available in New Zealand and can be ordered from a number of outlets within the country.

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