Kitchen and Kitchen Appliance Reviews

Share your experience of buying a new kitchen, kitchen renovation, appliances or accessories here.  In fact share with us your kitchen buying experience.

In most cases kitchens, appliances, sinks and accessories give long and satisfactory performance.  On some occasions suppliers and tradespeople give outstanding customer service and deserve to be congratulates.  Occasionally customers are let down, left unhappy and out of pocket.

Whatever your experience, share it with us below for everybody to see.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews ore often the best and most relevant guide to performance and service.  There’s nothing like real life experience to put a product through its paces.  Testing in the lab is all well and good but children aren’t aloud into the lab and most people aren’t engineers or scientists.

The testing laboratory guys are doing their job with products that they are given.  Customers have paid good money for a product that they were advised would suit their needs.  How well the customers’ needs were met is the real point.

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